Genetic Science is the key to the BLACK AND WHITE of the clues of the all civilisations and Ancestry.‏

Genetic Science is the key to the BLACK AND WHITE of the clues of the all civilisations and Ancestry.


Complementary information of previous email confirmation with Genetic proofs -Ancient civilisation of Kutch and its relation to all ancient civilisation all over the world‏

Dear EDITORIALS, Medicos, Friends of the Science, History, ARCHEO – Anthropology and GEO-Archaeology, 

People carry their traditions of the life and the culture trough their generations and where ever they go. E.g. Farming traditions and techniques, they take with where ever they go to in this world and through their generations they do carry on for many generations.

Similarity of farming in our traditional farming of INDO ASIAN, today’s Egypt  (Original ANCIENT name is MUDRAYA) and other African countries as well as Mexican (Mayan), and Latin Americans suggest that those traditional similarities are common and so must have a common source of such  farming techniques.

Similarly similarities of clothing weaving of all those cavitations are more or like same. And from similar farming materials e.g. cotton. Today also Animal care also matches with shepherds of the INDO ASIANS, Afro Egyptians Americans. Though Our Indo Asian shepherds, RABARIES, Negros and red Indians genetically differs from each other, Similarity in life style appears in Most of their life style.

Mexicans – MAYANS use only traditional MERI GOLD offering ceremony to their ancestors as our traditions. Though now a days many changes we see as using different flowers. Ornamental similarities appear in most of the civilisations of the world.

Surprisingly construction techniques of the ancient time and today’s traditional construction match to each other. Much of the work has been done and published for the Pyramids construction methods, but none of such research been carried out for Indo-Saraswati civilisation construction methods. We are happy to COPY the clips of the Computer simulation of the DHOLAVIRA town ship from Indus: The Unvoiced Civilization films of HUMANITY  to our documentary for Dholavira and to accept the Award for such PLAGIARISM


MOST OF THE DOCUMENTRY PUBLISHERS DO VISIT THE PLACE AND DOCUMENT THE PRESENT VIEW OF THE PLACE AND BUT AVOIDING THE PLAGIARISM, Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Copyright: Films for the Humanities & Sciences
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Construction techniques during the Megalithic period, INDO SARASWATI civilisations, do match most of the civilisations but none tried to compare and demonstrate neither in documentaries nor on the computer graphic simulations. The reason is the lack of the knowledge and the information of those construction techniques.


But surprisingly some casts descending from the North of the Indo-Saraswati  river basin regions do other parts of the world has maintained such traditional construction techniques.

Since many centuries a traditional house building methods used by KANBI tribes descended from North from SAPTA SINDHU regions of Himalaya, is exactly similar to those of Indo-Saraswati houses with double layered stone walls. And still few OLD Housings still persists of such wall types. (Such Photographic and Video recordings are available for reference viewing from Library records of archaeological section of Kutch science Foundation Library.)

(All Photographic records can be seen by request and reference can be used from Kutch Science foundation Library the relevant Medical, genetics, Biology, and Archaeology library sections)

15) Archaeological library WITH ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ARCHEOLOGY , Forbidden archaeology  including Civilisation and DHOLAVIRA video library, INCA, MAYA, EGYPT, INDUS etc. 


Doubt may rise from many part of it as are any of those tribes inheriting any Ancestry, but all the BLACK and White can be cleared with GENETICS SCIENCE study of those tribes and those of Anthropological specimens of the Civilisations and Megalithic culture of that civilisation and period there after.

Haplogroup M (mtDNA)
In human genetics, Haplogroup M is a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup.(ONLY DERIVED FROM MATERNAL GENES maternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup)

Genetic evidence Haplogroup H (Y-DNA) In human genetics, Haplogroup H (M69) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup.

MAYA and Mayan books of Mexico suggest that Indian crossed the Atlantic from Europe and lived in Mexican caves before 20000 years ago. Decoding is available – books original information are available for reference form the reference library. Including MAYAN CODOSIS  and decoding Mayan language.

CIVILISATION started in river basin areas of saraswati and INDUS and spread to middle east , Europe and than across the atlantic to Mexico and southern america – Peru and Andis, BUt how they cross the ATLANTIC. about 10000 years ago english chennel was frozen to ice so gypsis (original Indian origin as they believe themselves of INDIAN origin – SEE GENETIC DNA reports bootom of this email) crossed to british land, worshiped at STONEHENGE, worshiping SUN (suryavanshi), to cross an ATLANTIC ocean they go further north to SCANDINAVIA (so finis – scandinavian has similar GENETIC DNA similarity with Indian origin and differes from rest of Scandinavian tribes and rest of europeans too) to cross to CANADIAN part and then south to MEXICO and to PERU and ANDIS regions.

(Mexican Maya civilisations authentic book we have gives information as people of Indian – asian origin came from across Europe to Maxico caves and stayed there in caves some 20000 yeras back – similar evidense found MARUDA TAKKAR an oldest port of  the world in the middle of present SALT RANN and lake of INDUS SARASWATI at the time 20000 years ago)

Romani people (Gypsies or Gipsies)
The Romani people[46][47], Roma people[48][49][50] or Romany people are an ethnic group with origins in South Asia.[51][52] The Romani people are a widely dispersed ethnic group, with the largest concentrated populations in Europe and the Americas.[53][54] They are often referred to as Gypsies or Gipsies. 

The absence of a written history has meant that the origin and early history of the Roma people was long an enigma. As early as 200 years ago, cultural scholars hypothesised an Indian origin of the Roma based on linguistic evidence[83]. Genetic information confirms this.
Although the Nazis claimed that the Gypsies were not Aryan,[citation needed] some members of the Gypsy Lore Society (established in 1888 in England) claimed that the Gypsies were the most ancient Aryans and “sought to protect them from mixing with non-Gypsy elements and from modernization…”.[84]

Linguistic evidence

Until the mid to late eighteenth century, theories of the origin of the Roma were mostly speculative. Then in 1782, Johann Christian Christoph Rüdiger published his research that pointed out the relationship between the Romani language and Hindustani.[85] Subsequent work supported the hypothesis that Romani shared a common origin with the Indo-Aryan languages of Northern India,[86] with Romani grouping most closely with Sinhalese in a recent study.[87]
The majority of historians accepted this as evidence of an Indian origin for the Roma, but some maintained that the Roma acquired the language through contact with Indian merchants.[88]
An  ADDITIONAL readings of BIOMEDICAL, GENETICS, GENETIC STUDY of DNA  in our GENETICS Library of Kutch science foundation.

Biology Complete Library  +500s of Books

Human Anatomy Science and complete Medical Library for medical university and research students. + 1500 BOOKS

Full medical science library, medical dictionary and Ayurvedic information library INCLUDING BIOMEDICAL, GENETICS, + 1500 BOOKS

The Place of the Indian mtDNA Variants in the Global Network Maternal Lineages and the Peopling of the Old World
Fundamental genomic unity of ethnic India is revealed by analysis of mitochondrial DNA
Eurasia Populations genetics mtDNA HAPLOGROUP
Deep common ancestry of Indian and western-Eurasian mitochondrial DNA lineages
BMC Phylogeography of mtDNA haplogroup R7 in the Indian peninsula 
Population substructure in Finland and Sweden revealed


THOUGH MANY STUDIES HAVE been published for genetic study of Romans, Egyptian, Mayan, Eskimos, Scandinavians, finis, tribes of Indian and Indo-Asians, but not specific to the tribes in Kutch and Indo-Saraswati river basin tribes. Need to Do that part of genetic study to clear all Black and white of all such puzzles. And that’s the Best key to all.

As in Finland some people differ genetically from the rest of the population, they are traced genetically from genes of possibly those of the Indo Saraswati river basin tribes ancestry (e.g. Megh MAARU, Sindhis, Jats, Rajputs of 36 KULs, Aryans, Ahirs, RABARIES, KANBIes etc.). So they are eager to trace their ancestry genes from those tribes and so wish to make a Genetic study of those tribes as early as possible and so they are in constant touch with Science foundation and gathering all information from Genetic Science library of Kutch science foundation. 


Such work of Genetic science study will clear all doubts and clouds from any doubts raised.


From yours: Dr. BHUDIA : Science Group Of INDIA. 
President:’Kutch Science Foundation’.
Founder :’Kutch Amateurs Astronomers Club – Bhuj – Kutch’.
Life Member:’kutch Itihaas Parishad’.

Do visit our ABOVE Clubs/Groups of Science club of India, Science Group of India.


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